Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Boxes

Each week my kiddos take home a paper book at their appropriate reading level. They use the book at home Monday-Thursday for various reading homework activities. (The books come from Reading A to Z or Scholastic Printables.) A few of my artistic little ones were coloring the pictures of their books and making them look oh so cute! Others were bringing them to school to read again. And a few were - brace yourself - throwing them away! This got me thinking...these books are "good fit" books for them that they should be reading again and again. Why not create a special place for them to keep these books?

So I called up my favorite store ever - Nordstrom:) - and asked if they would be willing to donate 26 boxes for us to use for our books. They said yes (thanks Nordstrom!), and we just made our boxes on Friday. The kids were PUMPED! They loved decorating them. A few of them already had a spot in their bedroom in mind where they would keep their special book box.

I'm hopeful that these special book boxes will motivate my young readers to save these good fit books and read them often!

Funny side note...I brought my lunch into school in a small Nordstrom bag the other day. One of my little ones saw me carrying the bag and said, "Ooo, what did Nordstrom give us now?!" :) I have a feeling my students will be begging their parents to stop at Nordstrom!!

This same student wrote a thank you note to Nordstrom and started it with, "Dear Nordstrom, I hope business is going great..." Got to love 'em. :)


Christina said...

I don't send leveled books home, but it makes me wanna start, those boxes are too cute! Great idea :-)

Kristen and Andrew said...

I just found your blog and am so excited! I LOVE your ideas. I am teaching my first year in the fall as a 2nd grade teacher. I love your carpet with the alphabet on it, where did you get it???

Lewis' Lil 2nd Grade Pups said...

Hi Amanda,

I love the book box idea. What type of box did you ask Nordstroms for? Is that a shoe box? I would love to do this as well. Thank you!

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! Kristen and Andrew, I got the carpet from Lakeshore Learning. :) Have you shopped there before? It's of my favorite stores! Check it out at

Lewis' Lil 2nd Grade Pups, the boxes are just about the size of a shoe box, yes! I just told the sales associate that I needed boxes around the size of a shoe box and that is what she gave me. I think just about any size could work, though! Good luck!!